Sunday, January 22, 2012

i think the sky is grey but look there's the sun

Do you know Rihanna's song YOU DA ONE? Yeap. I think i found mine but i don't know why recently he like avoiding me, something. I don't know, maybe he is busy with stuffs.

This is a little chorus from YOU DA ONE.

You are the one that i dream about all day,
You are the one that i think about always,
You are the one so i make sure i behave,
My love is your love, your love is _____ love
I've change a bit at the end

Baby, I love you, I need you here,
With me all the time,
Baby ___ meant to be,
You got me, _______ all the time.

I know i'm kinda mean towards him and i'm sorry. I just want him to know that I REALLY LIKE HIM. Can't I?
Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca. May Allah bless Us always

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